Medical Devices

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With continued technological innovations in the medical industry, the requirement for electronic assemblies and devices has been growing. Typical applications that can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world include medical beds, stethoscopes, medical carts, medical tablets, and nurse call stations. Here are some of the ways that Winstronics International has worked with world leaders in the medical device field to help improve cost, quality, and efficiencies through design and component selection.

Winstronics Custom Manufacturing for Medical Hospital Beds

These are just some of the many successes we have helped our clients in the medical field achieve that have resulted in cost savings and production efficiency.

Electronic Assembly Manufacturer

Founded in 1992, Winstronics International is a world-class electronic assembly manufacturer. From PCB assemblies, turnkey box builds, to fully custom molded plastics, we enable our customers to plan, design, and deliver their finished products around the globe with the flexibility to produce products at any quantity required with excellent lead-times. All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL, and CSA certified, Rohs and REACH compliant.

Assembly Offerings Technology Solutions
Assembly Offerings Technology Solutions