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Overmold PCBA

Our unique overmolding process is an excellent alternative to plastic enclosures and potted boards. They are perfect for applications where moisture, dust, vibration and salt fog are an issue. We safely encapsulate all the components on a board with an application of low pressure, low temp molding material, and then we overmold again with high temp, high pressure pvc which makes the unit impervious to the elements. In-house tooling is inexpensive and a relatively fast process.

Connector ports are blocked with rubber inserts so the molding material doesn't migrate into the terminals or housings. Three functional tests are performed: 1). when the pcba is complete; 2). after the inner mold; 3). after the outer mold.

We air-ship assembled samples, built to print from China to the US at our expense to help speed the qualification process.

Quality, Delivery and Service are paramount to our success and what we strive for!

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